Enterprise System Exam: Tomorrow

20 November 2008 - 4 Responses

22:30 I checked my email. One new mail received this afternoon:

Subject: Suggestion: have a good sleep tonight: 615657_2008_2
From: “Peter Seddon”

Hi all,
In preparing for the exam, please remember that the structure of this year’s exam is different to the past few years. In particular, this year’s exam probably requires you to think more than in the past exams. Therefore I suggest that you arrive at the exam with a clear head, which in turn means having a good sleep tonight.See you tomorrow.
Cheers, Peter

Omg.. what’s gonna happen tomorrow … (“_)>


Unbreak my heart

27 October 2008 - 4 Responses

I’m upseeett…

I’m saaaddd…

Is there anyone there understand meeee…??

I’m a woman and I just want to be understoooodddd…..







— f i n a l l y s i l e n c e b r e a k s m y h e a r t —

Bit of update..

20 October 2008 - 7 Responses

It’s been a while for me not to create a post in this blog (dejavuu.. i feel that i’ve written “it’s been a while” for so many times). Just a bit of updates about tiwi:

  • 2 Weeks (roughly) to the start of the exam period. 2 papers. 11st and 20th of Nov. Mohon doanya yaa..
  • 6 More assignments to submit. Since 2 of my subjects don’t have exam, they are assessed through assignments. That’s why I got a lot of dues though the semester has end.
  • Moving out from my apartment at the end of November.
  • Farewell gathering/dinner on 29th of Nov. Shack goes back to Bangkok, Kate goes for a holiday to Sydney and GoldCoast. A couple of friends are leaving for good. James to S’pore, Jimmy to Surabaya, Sheishu to Japan (?) who else ya.. I can’t wait for it… and especially for the day after. Woohooo… (Sabar, sabaar….)

Well, that’s all for now I gotta bathe..
Please, mohon doanya ya biar ujian Tiwi lancar.. biar dapet nilai bagus…
Thanks for all your support during my stay in Australia.
Thanks for your help to assist me adjusting with the new environment.

Indo, wait for Tiwi ya..


4 July 2008 - 2 Responses

Walt Disney said,

Key to the success are: Dream, Believe, Dare & Do

Do you want to stay on the corner forever?

Love and Lost

15 June 2008 - One Response

Here : http://www.dudung.net/index.php?naon=depan&action=detail&id=724&cat=2

Nice article. I got it from a friend. It’s a chance for me to balance my point of view.

By reading the article, hopefully..
Those of you who already had a partner, will be more thankful.
Those of you who hasn’t got ‘the one’ will keep on trying 😉

I’m Sad

12 June 2008 - 5 Responses

others tried to understand me have been tired

If you could see me, you’d see tears
If only you asked me, you’d know it’s sadness
But what? why? how?
You probably won’t know

Sometimes I think I set myself too mewek melancholic. Positioning myself in the shaded corner. Too easy to become sad. This is hurting myself.

Others are not always around to lend a helping hand. Sometimes it’s too much to make a wish like that. Everyone have problems as well. I’m not the only person in this world who is feeling sad at this moment.

The other part of my mind is giving an advice for me. Hugging me.. Supporting me.. “Calm down tiui, we’ll make it through…”

Yes, we will.
Me & Mysoul..

Rules of Dreaming (??#@@#*)

8 June 2008 - Leave a Response

Strange title isn’t it..??!! Whatever lah..

Just a quick post. Suddenly I was so worried about my future. What I’m dreaming of seems tough to achieve. We can’t get every single thing that we want, but should we stop dreaming? Then what should we do? After a while, I ended up my thought with this tips to calm down my mind.

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It takes time

6 June 2008 - Leave a Response


I was thinking bout this at the back seat of James’ car on our way back from Phillip Island yesterday. Exam is coming, but we went for a trip instead! We played mini golf, watched koalas wallabies and pinguins, having dinner at italian restaurant hehehehe bad girl =p

Back to the topic. It takes time to adapt, it takes time to get used to it. My life in Australia… Based on change management, this nature of change is classified as incremental and continuous change (CMIIW- exam next Tuesday!! =p)

Having fun with friends fade away a ‘strange’ feeling bout this place. Jay, my friend at Uni was right. “It’s not where you’re living, but with whom you’re living with..”. Shack has also told me, “You’ve been living in your country for 20 years, we’re staying here for just a short time. It’s probably our only change to come here..”

It’s not just a problem bout homesick. I would say, it only takes about 2months or 1semester at most, to cope with homesick. It’s a time to raise the awareness of our new place, and next, about the way how to settle. Now, I hear trams’ noise a lot. I’m getting used to the cooold weather, drink milk a lot.. hihii.. And I think this last few weeks I hang out quite often with friends. That’s probably the most important aspect that increase my comfort.

It takes time… for a relationship as well. Hiking up the hills, going down to the valley, running arround. Fyuuu.. untung mashi sabar.

OK. Enough for now. Gotta back to studyyyy…. Thanks a lot, friends..!!

Orange & Banana Smoothies

6 January 2008 - 4 Responses

Orange & Banana Smothies  

Behind the story

After enjoying new year’s firework, I asked Devi to stay overnight in my apartment. Noone enjoy waking up lonely on the first day of a new year, rite? 😉 In the afternoon, we made butter chicken for lunch. As the dessert, we experimented this lovely orange & banana smoothies. It’s pretty simple so you can go ahead to try. Delicioso !!

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*blink blink*

27 December 2007 - 14 Responses

Stupid Teasing

A : Beib, is your father an astronaut?

B : No. Why?

A : Really? Because I can see a starlight in your eyes..

B : (^^*)

A : Or I wonder.. your father owns a sugar factory, rite?

B : Neither is he. What’s wrong?

A : Are you sure he isn’t? Because I feel you so sweet..

B : (^^*)

A : OK. I give up making guesses bout your dad. But I’m pretty sure u’re studying Electical Engineering, rite ? 😉

B : Absolutely 😉 What’s up?

A : U’ve electicize my heart..

B : (^^*)

Tiui : gombaaallll…. :mrgreen: